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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchokedchoked /tʃəʊkt $ tʃoʊkt/ adjective [not before noun]  British EnglishUPSET very upset I was really choked when I heard he’d died.
Examples from the Corpus
chokedSo despite Stephen West's lovely cor anglais solo, and some noble brass sounds, the orchestra sounded choked.But if the pool is simply left like this, it will become choked and unattractive.I felt choked, but I couldn't cry.In choked desolation, she watched him walk quietly to the door and let himself out.Almost fainting from lack of air, she could only answer in choked gasps.I bet Barrow was choked, he smiled to himself as he emptied stale tea leaves from the pot into the sink.So, after choked phone calls back to Liverpool, I was mightily relieved to touch down at Manchester Airport.While most of the snow gullies remain choked, snow conditions have generally been disappointing.
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