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cholesterolcho‧les‧te‧rol /kəˈlestərɒl $ -roʊl/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  MDFNa chemical substance found in your blood. Too much cholesterol in your body may cause heart disease.
Examples from the Corpus
cholesterolIf this is satisfactory then no further action is required, as the fasting cholesterol will be lower than the random determination.A reduction of biliary phospholipids by dietary legumes was associated with an increased cholesterol saturation of bile.Low in fat and sodium, rich in minerals and fibre, the raisin contains virtually no fear-inducing cholesterol.Jane Griffin outlines the case for the prosecution and the defence Is cholesterol good or bad for runners?Limit cholesterol to 300 milligrams a day.Was that due to decreased amounts of cholesterol in the cancer cells?A separate report found similar cholesterol changes in female runners.Moreover, few patients, if any, have their cholesterol decreased to very low levels with drug treatment.
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