Language: Old English
Origin: ceosan


choose S1 W1 past tense chose past participle chosen [intransitive and transitive]
1 to decide which one of a number of things or people you want [↪ choice]:
It took us ages to choose a new carpet.
A panel of judges will choose the winner.
He chose his words carefully as he spoke.
I don't mind which one we have - you choose.
choose between
For pudding we could choose between ice cream and apple tart.
choose from
You can choose from a wide range of vehicles.
choose to do something
I chose to learn German rather than French.
choose somebody/something to do something
They chose Donald to be their leader.
choose somebody/something as something
The company chose London as its base.
choose somebody/something for something
Why did you choose me for the job?
2 to decide to do something because that is what you prefer to do
choose to do something
I chose to ignore his advice.
You can, if you choose, invest in the stock market.

there is little/nothing to choose between something

used when you think that two or more things are equally good and you cannot decide which is better:
There was little to choose between the two candidates.
WORD FOCUS: choose WORD FOCUS: choose
similar words: select, pick, appoint, nominate, go for, plump for, opt for
choose choice1, selection, preference

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