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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchoosychoos‧y, choosey /ˈtʃuːzi/ adjective informal  ARGUEsomeone who is choosy will only accept things that they like a lot or they consider to be very goodchoosy about She’s very choosy about clothes.
Examples from the Corpus
choosyI get offered a lot of work now, so I can be more choosy.To do him justice he's not choosy.Salmon are choosy about the conditions they live in.She's very choosy about what airline she travels on.Others, however, are cutting back the number of films they make and are more choosy about what they finance.These days, the Marine Corps is very choosy about who joins.There is not normally any corresponding selection on males to be choosy about who they mate with.But it is a means to more power, which in turn enables you to be choosy about your scripts.Far from being choosy, female primates seemed to be initiators of much promiscuity.She wanted men to believe that she was choosy, not that she had never chosen.Truly promiscuous opportunists would not be too choosy, one would think.
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