2 noun
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chop2 [countable]
1DFF a small piece of meat on a bone, usually cut from a sheep or pig [↪ steak]:
a grilled pork/lamb chop

the chop

British English
a) if you get or are given the chop, you lose your job:
Six more staff got the chop last week.
I might be for the chop (=lose my job).
b) if something gets or is given the chop, it is closed or stopped because people do not want to pay for it any more:
The project might get the chop.
This factory might now be for the chop (=likely to be closed).
3 a hard downward movement that you make with your hand:
a karate chop
4 the act of hitting something with a sharp tool in order to cut it:
With one last chop he split the log in two.


[plural] informalHBH the lower part of the face of a person or animal - used humorously:
Jack was grinning all over his chops.

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