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choralcho‧ral /ˈkɔːrəl/ adjective [only before noun]  APMrelated to music that is sung by a large group of people togetherchoir an evening of choral music
Examples from the Corpus
choralThe third and final section of the evening was choral.Nor do his choral forces always suggest that they are home in the idiom.There have been ceilidhs, concerts, choral group plays - the list is long!Russian choral music of the 17th centurytraditional Welsh choral musicHenrietta's choral society concert draws a good crowd despite a dodgy venue in the backstreets of Catford.a choral symphonyTo sum up, when looking for a choral text, choose words which are simple, direct, and poetic.The programme includes choral works, and music for string orchestra.It is not always easy to avoid writing a shade smugly about the arrangements Mozart made of choral works by Handel.
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