Date: 1500-1600
Language: Latin
Origin: 'circular dance, chorus', from Greek choros


1 noun
Related topics: Dance, Music, Theatre
cho‧rus1 [countable]
1APM the part of a song that is repeated after each verse:
Everyone joined in the chorus.
2APM a large group of people who sing together [= choir]:
I sing with the university chorus.
3APM a piece of music written to be sung by a large group of people:
a recording of the Hallelujah Chorus
4APDAPT a group of singers, dancers, or actors who act together in a show but do not have the main parts:
New voices are needed to join the chorus for the annual festival in October.

a chorus of thanks/disapproval/protest etc

something that a lot of people all say at the same time:
The minister was greeted with a chorus of boos.
There was a chorus of agreement from the committee.
More politicians have now joined in the chorus of complaints.

in chorus

if people say something in chorus, they say the same thing at the same time:
'Thank you,' they said in chorus.

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