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christeningchris‧ten‧ing /ˈkrɪsənɪŋ/ noun [countable]  RRCa Christian religious ceremony at which a child is officially given a name and becomes a member of a Christian churchbaptism
Examples from the Corpus
christeningIt was a christening that seemed to hunger for significance.The soldiers stomp on faces in photographs taken at weddings and christenings.My five-year-old godson's grandparents brought him a small, framed drawing for his christening present.The party had been held in nearby Lidget Green to celebrate the christening of Zatun's three-week-old baby.It was a supper to celebrate the christening of their new baby.I would watch her getting ready for the christenings and weddings at which my father officiated.Shades of the christening party in Sleeping Beauty.That's the only time I saw you, at your christening.
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