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chronometerchro‧nom‧e‧ter /krəˈnɒmɪtə $ -ˈnɑːmɪtər/ noun [countable]  TMCa very exact clock, used for scientific purposes
Examples from the Corpus
chronometerA chronometer is hidden within all words, and in each length of nucleic acid.Perhaps Nenna would like to have a look at his chronometers.Thacker had considered this problem at great length when testing his chronometer.The maritime chronometer took Britain to pre-eminence in safe navigation and helped secure the empire.Time-signals, geophysical measurements, weather reporting and the testing of chronometers were among the functions which they discharged.In I 779 he created a sensation with a pocket chronometer, called No. 36.One was its glass house-the vacuum chamber that shielded the chronometer from troubling changes of atmospheric pressure and humidity.The chronometer confirmed his flying time since the aerial refuelling over Omsk, tallying with the covered distance on the on-board computer.
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