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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchubbychub‧by /ˈtʃʌbi/ adjective  FATslightly fat in a way that looks healthy and attractive a chubby six-year-old a baby with round chubby cheekssee thesaurus at fatchubbiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
chubbyMark's cheeks were slightly chubby.The baby was pink and chubby.The Pueblo peoples were a chubby and clubby lot.He was this cute, chubby baby.chubby cheeksHe is a chubby, happy man.Then, hobbling along on his chubby legs, his belly wagging with every step, he leads Magic to his stall.A young vicar and his wife, with matching haunted faces, wheel their beautiful chubby little daughter down the corridor.The baby reached out with its chubby little fingers.Who's that chubby little girl with the dark hair?The other one was young, chubby, red-faced, with short red hair and looked embarrassed.She had a pleasant untidy face and chubby warm hands that were nice to touch.Are your knees chubby, with little fatty pads around the top of each knee?
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