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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchunkychunk‧y /ˈtʃʌŋki/ ●○○ adjective  1 THICK OBJECT OR MATERIALthick, solid, and heavy chunky jewellery2 chunky food has large pieces in it chunky peanut butter3 HBHsomeone who is chunky has a broad heavy body
Examples from the Corpus
chunkyShe was about my height, but chunky.The books were small, chunky, and bright, specially designed for babies.He was chunky and had a baby face and came to Our Lady of Mercy as a seasoned street fighter.a sweater with chunky buttonsDominating the space between the two front seats are two grey painted wooden vertical wheels with chunky cut-outs around their periphery.A lot of highlighting, lots of chunky gold pieces.Zachary, a big, chunky kid who played baseball and soccer, came through the doorway first.Gold, black and brown patterned chunky knit cardigan, £135.Cotton Aran chunky knit sweater with embroidered flowers, £32.99.She wore a lot of chunky silver jewellery.chunky silver jewelryI remember one time a little short, chunky white girl.
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