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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcindercin‧der /ˈsɪndə $ -ər/ noun [countable usually plural]  BURNa very small piece of burnt wood, coal etc a cold hearth full of cinders The cake was burnt to a cinder (=completely burnt).
Examples from the Corpus
cinderIt uses the ground's grass areas and cinder track for training.A cooking pot hung on a tripod though the logs beneath were now blackened cinders.Burning cinders fell onto the roof.His chill was replaced by hot cinders deep in his heart.She'd even felt quite calm, only thinking that in the oven his dinner would be in cinders now.If the foundation is made of cinder blocks, they need to be set in a bed of mortar on the concrete.Three small houses, made of painted cinder block and aluminum, faced the hotel from across the street.Pearce, wanting to take a quick throw-in, grabbed the ball and pushed him on the cinder track surrounding the pitch.The room is maybe six feet square, with cinder block walls.
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