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circuitrycir‧cuit‧ry /ˈsɜːkətri $ ˈsɜːr-/ noun [uncountable]  TEEa system of electric circuits
Examples from the Corpus
circuitryThey co-opt the selective attention circuitry.The cabin filled with dust, smoke, and the smell of burning circuitry.One has low power requirements, thereby dissipating little heat, the other has high-density circuitry.The patterns formed by the processes of etching and/or evaporation of the conductor make the electrical circuitry of the integrated circuit.The basal ganglia are also the main circuitry through which flow the nerve signals controlling movement.Inside will be a maze of circuitry, some transistors and a chip or two.This is done by deliberately putting delays into the circuitry.The circuitry was composed of electric eels, and there were colorful fish and liquid poisons and numerous examples of evil.
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