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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcircumstancescircumstances[plural] formal the conditions in which you live, especially how much money you haveeconomic/financial/personal etc circumstances Whether or not you qualify for a loan will depend on your financial circumstances. people living in difficult social circumstancesin reduced circumstances old-fashioned (=with much less money than you used to have) circumstance
Examples from the Corpus
economic/financial/personal etc circumstancesPersonal circumstances Employees' personal circumstances, such as their domestic commitments, health and age are often taken into account.Such ferocious outbursts stemmed from 50-cial and economic circumstances which the Mahatma rarely discussed and usually underestimated.Most identified turning points in terms of crises in family relationships, often connected with a change in financial circumstances.The influence of the trade unions has been weakened as a consequence of legislation, our economic circumstances, and demographic decline.But the second problem goes well beyond me and my own personal circumstances.First, the economic circumstances of poor families have worsened relative to the rest of the population in recent decades.Is the amount at stake, though small, significant in relation to the financial circumstances of the applicant?In due course, when economic circumstances permit, we would like to rebuild it.