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citruscit‧rus /ˈsɪtrəs/ noun [countable]  1 HBP (also citrus tree) a type of tree that produces citrus fruits2 (also citrus fruit) a fruit with thick skin, such as an orange or lemoncitrus adjective
Examples from the Corpus
citrusShe could taste him, round and warm and citrus, deep and cinnamon.They may give out scents of citrus, mint, pine or rose, and most make wonderful patio plants.The pervading citrus smell of aftershave, the same smell that had saturated Brady's apartment and Feldman's studio.The best way to prepare citrus for composting is to cut the fruit up so it can break down easier.Several low rise hotels, backed by quiet citrus groves, are spaced around the half mile bay.The acidity in the citrus is excellent for raising the acid level in the compost heap.
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