Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: cité, from Latin civitas 'citizenship, state, city of Rome', from civis; CIVIC


cit‧y S1 W1 plural cities [countable]
1 a large important town:
New York City
a capital city
The nearest big city was St. Louis.
city dweller (=someone who lives in a city)
inner city
a) British English a large town, that has been given an official title by a king or queen :
the city of Oxford
b) American English a town of any size that has definite borders and powers that were officially given by the state government:
The city of Cleveland celebrated its 200th birthday with fireworks and an outdoor concert.
3 [usually singular] the people who live in a city:
The city has been living in fear since last week's earthquake.

the City

British English the area of London which is Britain's financial centre, and the important institutions there
City banker/stockbroker etc (=a banker etc who works in the city)

the city

American English the government of a city:
The city is working to improve public transportation.

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