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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcitywidecit‧y‧wide /ˈsɪtiwaɪd/ adjective  TOWNinvolving all the areas of a city a citywide campaign to fight racism
Examples from the Corpus
citywideThe booklets that have been transcribed by literacy workers need not have a national or even citywide appeal.The council also instructed Gittings and Lounsbery to come back in 30 days with a draft ordinance for a citywide cabaret tax.Both types of facility are likely to be more difficult to site than a citywide facility designed to serve the electroplating industry.He says the city wants to establish a citywide internet connection through the cable system.These regional meetings were followed by a citywide public hearing before the Coordinating Committee on December 16,1974.The group has 10 paid organizers conducting a citywide registration and awareness campaign.The opposition has called for a citywide strike Monday.And none of the activities was targeted for citywide use.
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