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civil war

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcivil warˌcivil ˈwar noun [countable, uncountable]  WARa war in which opposing groups of people from the same country fight each other in order to gain political control the Spanish Civil War
Examples from the Corpus
civil warIn 323-4 civil war ended with the elimination of Licinius, and Constantine was at last sole ruler.The rhetoric of rights, which is engendered by this question, is a recipe for class war, and civil war.In this country that has been ravaged by civil war even more than by drought, security is shaky.The new king's first task will be to prevent the desperately poor country of 23m from sliding into civil war.It launched the 25-year-long civil war that resumed this month.Their representatives are helping thousands of orphaned children and displaced families escape from the tyranny of civil war.To the King and most of his advisers the verdict was clear and, short of risking civil war, irresistible.George Orwell wrote of the civil war within a civil war, for he was present when this conflict erupted in Barcelona.
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