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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcivilityci‧vil‧i‧ty /səˈvɪləti/ noun formal  1 [uncountable]POLITE polite behaviour which most people consider normalcivil Please have the civility to knock before you enter next time.2 civilities
Examples from the Corpus
civilityThere is no way to blame this on some broader deterioration of language and civility in our society.He made no attempt at any civility, and left Elizabeth to do the talking.Check any narrow-minded seriousness at the door with your urban trench coat and get ready for an absolute annihilation of bourgeois civility.Our conversations were little more than just exchanging civilities.Humanity has yet to evolve to a level of civility where arms are not required to achieve detente.I stood by the door and she sat there, making no pretence of civility, waiting for me to go.His early comedies might have been taken to represent an unheard-of civility from the back of beyond.While assuming a pose of utmost civility and cordiality, Caroline is relentless in her campaign to undermine me.The annual meeting must be conducted with civility.She addressed her young guest with civilities suitable for a personage of advanced years and uncertain appetite.
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