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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcladclad /klæd/ adjective literary  1 WEAR CLOTHESwearing a particular kind of clothingclad in She felt hot, despite being clad only in a thin cotton dress.warmly/suitably/scantily clad (=dressed warmly etc)2 snow-clad/ivy-clad etc
Examples from the Corpus
warmly/suitably/scantily cladI blushed, got on my bicycle, went home and returned more suitably clad.One opened her coat to reveal a scantily clad body.Thomas Tripp, the milkman in Camberwwk Green, was never lured indoors by a scantily clad female customer.Or they air-brushed a buxom, scantily clad medieval woman standing in front of a wall of flames.The lesson of Trafalgar Square 2000 was that 3000 fearless anarchists were kept in check by one scantily clad show-off.Sometimes clothing was provided also for them to be suitably clad to take up their work.On either side of him are scantily clad voluptuous females, a blonde and a brunette.A tuxedo-clad Madonna opened the show with a gender-bending song-and-dance number with three scantily clad women in a brothel-style atmosphere.
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