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clairvoyantclair‧voy‧ant /kleəˈvɔɪənt $ kler-/ noun [countable]  ROMsomeone who says they can see what will happen in the futureclairvoyance noun [uncountable] the gifts of telepathy and clairvoyanceclairvoyant adjective
Examples from the Corpus
clairvoyantBy 1919, unable to see properly she went into business as a clairvoyant.A few days after the discovery, local authorities received a call from a woman claiming to be a clairvoyant.I had the feeling that she had suddenly acquired the powers of a clairvoyant.He's also something of a clairvoyant.A clairvoyant predicted that something terrible would happen to the President.Oh, what a little clairvoyant spy I was!Psychics such as Jeanne Dixon, the late Doris Stokes and my local professional clairvoyant all claimed that their gifts fell from heaven.
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