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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclammyclam‧my /ˈklæmi/ adjective  WETfeeling unpleasantly wet, cold, and sticky Get your clammy hands off me!see thesaurus at damp, wetclammily adverbclamminess noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
clammyAs soon as the interview began, I felt my hands go clammy.His hands were clammy.When she tried to be cheerful she ended up flustered and red-faced, clammy all over.My forehead, clammy and cold, stuck to my fingers like blood.We were left waiting in our clammy clothes for over an hour.Secrets, she thought, feeling a cold, clammy fear crawling down her neck.The scorching, clammy heat of a summer in New York had been a total physical shock.He stood there in his clammy shoes for an hour and a half.For the next three days the raft lay in a dense, clammy shroud.It mildewed towels, made sleeping bags clammy, soaked the pressed bamboo of the cockpit floor so it was unpleasantly slimy.And the knowledge was dampening my shirt with the clammy sweat of anxiety.His whole body was clammy with sweat as a result of the malaria.
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