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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclandestineclan‧des‧tine /klænˈdestɪn/ adjective  SECRETdone or kept secret a clandestine affair clandestine meetingssee thesaurus at secret
Examples from the Corpus
clandestineThat the jumps are often illegal has kept the society clandestine and elite.Gedge later became much more clandestine and unpretentious when asked about the lyrical content of his songs.Thus he is forced to lead a clandestine existence, abandoned only when he occasionally reappears to demand money from his wife.To turn this into some clandestine meeting in the middle of the ocean..a clandestine meetingHis clandestine meetings with PLO officials had been secretly recorded.But there were enough to constitute an underground community, a clandestine network of social outcasts and émigrés.The result of weeks of clandestine planning sat now inside the bedside cupboard.He'd expected a clandestine rendezvous - curtained windows, locked doors - not a gypsy encampment.The doctor was arrested after she was named as a member of a clandestine socialist movement.
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