Language: Old English
Origin: clæppan


1 verb
clap1 past tense and past participle clapped, present participle clapping
1 [intransitive and transitive] to hit your hands against each other many times to make a sound that shows your approval, agreement, or enjoyment [↪ applause]:
One man began to clap, and others joined in.
The couple were cheered and clapped on their arrival.
The audience clapped politely but without much enthusiasm.
2 [transitive] if you clap your hands, you hit your hands together a few times to attract someone's attention or to show that you are pleased:
Narouz clapped his hands and a servant entered.
Mandy laughed and clapped her hands in delight.
3 [transitive] to put your hand on something quickly and firmly:
'Mick!' She clapped her hand over her mouth. 'I'd forgotten!'
Ben grinned and clapped me amiably on the shoulder.

clap eyes on somebody/something

British English informal to see someone or something, especially when you did not expect to:
Mark had loved the house from the moment he clapped eyes on it.

clap somebody in prison/jail/irons

literary to suddenly put someone in prison or chains
clapping noun [uncountable]
Each song was greeted with enthusiastic clapping.

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