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clapboardclap‧board /ˈklæpbɔːd $ ˈklæbərd, ˈklæpbɔːrd/ noun [countable, uncountable]  TB especially British English a set of boards used to cover the outside of a building, or one of these boards clapboard houses
Examples from the Corpus
clapboarda clapboard houseThere was a picture of a village street, the houses were battered clapboard and there were a lot of horses around.Bushes weigh their meted dollops, and the boxy clapboard churches are drenched and cleansed by a piquant light from the east.Avant took Chandler through the white side of Crenshaw, with its neat clapboard homes and tidy front porches.There it is-an old clapboard farmhouse against a gray sky.Nailed over the doorway of the ramshackle clapboard frontage of the building was a large rectangular sign.I wonder whether any of the clapboard houses I wander past is the house where it happened, where All killed herself.In little villages it is often a white clapboard building with a hip roof and a bell tower.
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