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claretclar‧et /ˈklærət/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]DFD red wine from the Bordeaux area of France a bottle of claret2 [uncountable]CC a dark red colourclaret adjective
Examples from the Corpus
claretI don't suppose you know much about claret but this Chateau Margaux 1875 is nectar.And now for something completely different: cheap and cheerful claret.He thought she looked maddeningly attractive, and emboldened by the fine claret, pressed his knee against hers under the table.The Abbe Gerard was a compassionate, charitable man but one who liked his claret.Hope smiled and mimicked the Colonel's previous gesture including the picking up of his claret.He even puts in the occasional bottle of claret.Not a night of vintage claret.
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