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classicismclas‧si‧cis‧m /ˈklæsɪsɪzəm/ noun [uncountable]  Aa style of art, literature etc that is simple, regular, and does not show strong emotionsrealism, romanticism
Examples from the Corpus
classicismIt misleadingly marginalizes both the centrality of the Church and classicism, the dominant artistic trend of the period.Such a contrast between classicism and positivism seems rather generous to Beccaria.Ignatius of Antioch Church in Manhattan for a funeral service that was his final lesson in classicism, grace and humility.His ring classicism has always argued so persuasively against excessive physical harm, his pride was beyond anything but a regal exit.It is at this point that Todorov's' classicism, is projected towards postmodernism.The Justice Model asserted two central principles, both of which harked back to the classicism of Beccaria.However, the chromaticism of the series breaks up the association with classicism to a large degree.Manet's break with classicism was threefold.
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