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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclassifiedclas‧si‧fied /ˈklæsɪfaɪd/ ●○○ adjective  SECRETclassified information, documents etc are ones which the government has ordered to be kept secretsee thesaurus at secret
Examples from the Corpus
classifiedAll display advertisements are covered but only boxed trader classified advertisements are included.Figure 16.3 shows that there are two lists - classified and alphabetical and demonstrates the relationships between them.The classified columns never stopped growing.They contain telephone numbers for classified computer systems.All Key classified holiday homes will provide at least some of the facilities found in those of a higher classification.Normally a classified image would be colour-coded as the eye is not capable of distinguishing more than six or seven levels of grey.This allows classified information to be kept extremely secure.There is evidence that Huang had access to classified information.Only licensed companies are eligible to receive, store, or send classified material.
From Longman Business Dictionaryclassifiedclas‧si‧fied /ˈklæsɪfaɪd/ adjective classified information or documents are ones that the government has ordered to be kept secretclassified documents relating to defence contracts