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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclassyclass‧y /ˈklɑːsi $ ˈklæsi/ adjective informal  1 FASHIONABLEEXPENSIVEfashionable and expensive classy restaurants2 very good a classy player
Examples from the Corpus
classyShe's smart, witty, and classy.The cafe's interior has been redone and looks very classy.She is canny and classy, a more-than-capable combination of brains and beauty.Their wedding was a very classy affair.It was, for the most part, a classy effort.That Cantona was too classy for Leeds.The Grand Union Hotel is one of the classiest hotels in this part of the country.Dodger great Don Newcombe heads up the public affairs department, one of the highlights of a top to bottom classy organization.a classy restaurantShe took us to a very classy seafood restaurant in the old part of the city.She is a very classy woman.a classy woman
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