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cleanerclean‧er /ˈkliːnə $ -ər/ ●●○ S3 noun  1 BOCLEAN[countable] especially British English someone whose job is to clean other people’s houses, offices etc2 DHC[countable, uncountable] a machine or substance used for cleaning a vacuum cleaner toilet bowl cleaner3 the cleaner’s4 take somebody to the cleaner’s
Examples from the Corpus
cleanerShe even knew of a cleaner she was sure would be able and willing.Do mid-day supervisors, cooks, cleaners, caretaker and crossing patrol receive copies?Keep household cleaners away from children.Wayne had previously worked as a pool cleaner.We finish work at six, and then the cleaners come in.I lit his cigarettes and took his suits to the cleaners.But those pants went to the cleaners this very morning.Macrophages are something like a cross between a Pac Man and a vacuum cleaner.a window cleaner
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