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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcleanlyclean‧ly /ˈkliːnli/ adverb  1 FAST/QUICKBREAKquickly and smoothly with a single movement The branch snapped cleanly in two.2 without producing dirt, pollution etc a fuel that burns cleanly without loss of power
Examples from the Corpus
cleanlyIt has a shorter, more abrupt mould-board, which breaks the furrow but does not bury rubbish so cleanly.The knife glinted and the keg fell away cleanly.She would concentrate on the job in hand instead, and get it done as quickly and cleanly as possible.A solid wood stem and mahogany floors and stiffeners complete the basic construction which has been particularly cleanly executed by West Custom.Susan Burling was a pretty girl, small and cleanly made.The two cleanly scrubbed grunts had made a final discovery: land mines last and last.The hollow- ground blade, made from chrome-plated carbon steel, will cut cleanly through branches of up to three-inches in diameter.
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