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cleansercleans‧er /ˈklenzə $ -ər/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 DCBa substance used for removing dirt or make-up from your face2 DHCa substance containing chemicals that is used for cleaning surfaces inside a house, office etc cream cleanser for the bathroom
Examples from the Corpus
cleanserMop up turkey juices with a paper towel, then use an antibacterial cleanser to wash down the counter and sink.Very dry and sensitive skins can not use alcohol-based cleansers and may even find water-cleansing too much.Oil-free creams, cleansers and toners are also available.These gentle creamy cleansers may be the answer.As we learned in Bosnia, leaving ethnic cleansers unchecked causes more trouble down the line.household cleansersThere was a strong odor of cleanser.A similar title in current use is' sanitary cleanser, which could describe anything.It was the cleanser of the future.
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