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clear/pave/open/prepare etc the way (for something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclear/pave/open/prepare etc the way (for something)clear/pave/open/prepare etc the way (for something)to make it possible for something to happen or develop later a study that paved the way for further research The Queen’s death opened the way for him to return. way
Examples from the Corpus
clear/pave/open/prepare etc the way (for something)Such developments are paving the way to rapprochement between conventional and complementary medicine.He gave as an example some of the early work in genetics which has paved the way for biotechnological developments.Was he paving the way for another referendum?Earlier legislation paved the way by limiting the use of custody as a penalty for offenders under the age of twenty-one.He believes the Government has missed the opportunity to pave the way for badly needed investment.When Ken wants to give his girlfriend a kiss he first calls in a construction team to clear the way.She would pave the way for a much more slender ideal: the flapper.
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