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clear the air

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclear the airclear the airARGUEto do something to end an argument or bad situation, for example discuss a problem calmly clear
Examples from the Corpus
clear the airI think it's about time you called her to clear the air.The Minister is mumbling - I hope that he will get up and clear the air.The White House hopes that the investigation will clear the air.But he thinks, in present circumstances, that a straight forward test provides the best way of clearing the air.Offer to talk then and there to clear the air.It would be good to clear the air, but she hoped it would hold off until after the party.Allen, to clear the air, decided to host a debate for three thousand people at Bethel.In an attempt to clear the air, Mills has planned a meeting with employees to discuss the issue.To help clear the air, Mills is expected to meet with PacTel staffers in two weeks to discuss the issue.He even met with the Anti-Defamation League to try and clear the air of misunderstandings.Secondly, until you clear the air with this person, you will continue to feel uncomfortable.
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