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clear the way for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclear the way for somethingclear the way for somethingwrittenPREPARE to make it possible for a process to happen This agreement will clear the way for further talks. clear
Examples from the Corpus
clear the way for somethingLosses from restructuring will decline from now on, clearing the way for a recovery in earnings.Almond said he may ask President Clinton to declare Rhode Island a disaster area, clearing the way for federal funds.But there is no sign that the disgrace of the last Soviet satrap will clear the way for peace.This would clear the way for the creation of a multiparty system in the Soviet Union.Douglas Reyburn clearing the way for the future.That cleared the way for the public release of the scores and scheduling of interviews and a final selection.And now the White Paper clears the way for these to be used by cable stations.
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