Language: Old English
Origin: cleofan. cleave to Old English clifian


cleave past tense cleaved, clove, or cleft, past participle cleaved, cloven or cleft
1 [intransitive,transitive always + adverb/preposition] literary to cut something into separate parts using a heavy tool, or to be able to be cut in this way:
The wooden door had been cleft in two.
2 [transitive] formal to divide something into two completely separate parts:
the racial problems that still cleave American society

cleave the air/darkness etc

literary to move quickly through the air etc:
His fist cleft the air.

cleave to somebody/something

phrasal verb
1 formal to continue to think that a method, belief, person etc is true or valuable, even when this seems unlikely:
John still cleaves to his romantic ideals.
2 literary to stick to someone or something, or seem to surround them

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