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clergymancler‧gy‧man /ˈklɜːdʒimən $ ˈklɜːr-/ noun (plural clergymen /-mən/) [countable]  RRCa male member of the clergy
Examples from the Corpus
clergymanThe besieged were led by a soldier and a clergyman.In Leeds, a clergyman, the Rev. Edward Jackson, had found a similar situation.In 1867 she married a clergyman, Frank Besant.When I returned to the drawing room, a clergyman was talking about the hardships being suffered by children in Berlin.Philanthropists and clergymen had to admit that their own reforming schemes had completely failed.No wonder our clergymen look anxious, and their congregations confused!He would never understand why she had married a pompous clergyman.The situation is so bad that special seminars are being held to teach clergymen more about security.
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