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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclimacticcli‧mac‧tic /klaɪˈmæktɪk/ adjective  EXCITEDforming a very exciting or important part of an event or story, especially near the end of itclimax a climactic moment
Examples from the Corpus
climacticThe identity of the killer is revealed in the movie's climactic ending.They moved together to the edge of fulfilment - and beyond, crying out as the climactic explosion burst upon them.More agitation and complexity rear their heads in the second movement, building to a climactic fury.History was reaching its climactic moment and there were signs and wonders to prove it.Her body had reached a climactic moment of its cycle, and felt famished and restless.His climactic moments were of action, not of response.Now what are the determinants of climactic rhythm?A climactic scene is a brawl between the wife and husband on a ski-slope about his extra-marital affair.
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