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climaticcli‧mat‧ic /klaɪˈmætɪk/ adjective [only before noun]  HEMrelating to the weather in a particular area climatic conditions
Examples from the Corpus
climatictoxic gases that threaten the earth's climatic balanceThe seminar is intended to educate them on climatic change and global warming.These raised marine deposits point to possible consequences of a global rise in sea level resulting from climatic change.The stability of the rural economy may, inpart be dependent on the effects of climatic change.Climatic changes are caused by the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.It attributed this to the prevailing civil war and climatic conditions as well as to deficiencies in state apparatus.Everything - the resources, the distances, the climatic conditions, the costs - is extreme.Therefore, in the true deserts one is thrown back more strongly on to past climatic conditions to explain obviously water-formed features.The types of rice grown in a country depend on climatic conditions.In Sri Lanka it grows in many regions of differing climatic conditions.They lack natural resources or experience climatic extremes which hinder economic activity.
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