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2 noun
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movement upwards

[countable usually singular] a process in which you move up towards a place, especially while using a lot of effort:
a long, steady climb to the top


[countable usually singular] an increase in value or amount:
The dollar continued its climb against the yen.
climb in
a steady climb in house prices


[countable usually singular] the process of improving something, especially your professional or social position:
a slow climb out of the recession
climb to
the Labour Party's climb to power


[singular] a process in which someone or something gets a higher position in a list or in a competition because of being popular or successful:
the Giants' climb from twelfth to fifth in the league
the song's steady climb up the charts


DSO [countable] a steep rock, cliff, or mountain you climb up:
one of the hardest rock climbs in the world

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