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climbingclimb‧ing /ˈklaɪmɪŋ/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  DSOthe sport of climbing mountains or rocksmountaineering a climbing roperock/mountain climbing He goes climbing nearly every weekend.
Examples from the Corpus
climbingclimbing equipmentWhy had he not continued climbing over the gate, said good-night, and gone off down the hill?The rock is steep enough to require forceful climbing, but nuts drop in which a satisfying regularity.Since this year's race avoids the Pyrenean peaks, all the hard mountain climbing is concentrated into these two days.This time it is a 5.5-mile event with 1,400 feet of climbing at Nebo, near Penygroes.Himalayan Climber provides a comprehensive photographic portrait of his remarkable climbing career.Eva's hobbies are horse-riding, climbing, and aerobics.Accident insurance does not cover you for dangerous activities such as rock climbing.On the way to the camp we passed a boulder where Tony and I competed for rock climbing idiot of the evening.Dan taught me the basic techniques of rock climbing.And that was the beginning of Skye's climbing industry.strong climbing bootsSome guides use their climbing and rope skills to work on oil rigs or construction sites.rock/mountain climbingWolf Ridge offers activities ranging from learning about beavers and whitetail deer to nature hikes and rock climbing.Other charges will be raised for such activities as rock climbing, boat launching, and back-country hiking.I went canoeing, rock climbing and abseiling.Five star rating Outward Bound centre - canoeing, caving, rock climbing pony trekking etc.On the way to the camp we passed a boulder where Tony and I competed for rock climbing idiot of the evening.The combination makes it a destination offering all manner of activities, from mountain climbing to beachcombing.He no longer goes caving or rock climbing, hobbies requiring fancy finger work.And we had to wear boots rather than rock climbing shoes.