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clinch it

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclinch itclinch itinformalDECIDE if an event, situation, process etc clinches it, it makes someone finally decide to do something that they were already thinking of doing We’d talked about moving, and the burglary clinched it for us. clinch
Examples from the Corpus
clinch itGo for the key points - the points that sustain the argument and help to clinch it.I was pretty sure before I went up to her apartment, but that clinched it.It was the third day that clinched it.Suppose we don't clinch it?This seemed to clinch it for both of them.The offer of a company car was what clinched it for me, and I accepted the job.Then Deutschlandsender made their announcement yesterday that Hess had flown the coop and I think that clinched it for them.The signature at the bottom, clinched it: Jane Doe - which is a synonym for The-Woman-in-the-Street.
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