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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclinicclin‧ic /ˈklɪnɪk/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 MHa place, often in a hospital, where medical treatment is given to people who do not need to stay in the hospitaldental/family planning/antenatal etc clinic women attending an antenatal clinic an appointment at an outpatient clinic (=clinic for someone who does not need to stay in a hospital)2 especially British EnglishMI a period of time during which doctors give treatment or advice to people with particular health problems The baby clinic is held on Monday afternoons.3 MEETa meeting during which a professional person gives advice or help to people an MP’s clinic a free clinic on caring for roses4 American EnglishMH a place where medical treatment is given at a low cost the doctors who volunteer at the inner-city clinic5 American EnglishMN a group of doctors who work together and share the same offices syn practice6 MIan occasion when medical students are taught how to decide what illness a patient has and how to treat itCOLLOCATIONStypes of clinica health/medical clinicTest results from a health clinic are available in about three weeks.a hospital clinicYou can be tested for infection at a special hospital clinic.a family planning clinic (=giving advice about how to prevent pregnancy)There are family planning clinics all over the country.an antenatal clinic British English (=giving medical care to pregnant women)The staff at the antenatal clinic will give you the results of your blood test.a fertility clinic (=helping people to become pregnant)We scheduled an appointment at the fertility clinic.a dental clinic (=treating problems with teeth)a specialist dental clinican outpatient clinic (=for someone who does not need to stay in hospital)There's an outpatient clinic for people with diabetes.a private clinic (=not paid for by the government)Fees at private clinics are usually very high.a local clinicShe's involved in health care education at a local clinic.verbsgo to a clinic (also attend a clinic formal)Pregnant women should attend an antenatal clinic at least once a month.hold a clinic (=arrange for a clinic to take place)The hospital holds vaccination clinics once a fortnight.clinic + NOUNclinic staffClinic staff are hopeful that Stephen will make a full recovery.
Examples from the Corpus
clinicThe court in 1994 upheld some limits on how close protesters can get to women entering abortion clinics to terminate pregnancies.Medicare also would reduce co-payments for services received at hospitals and clinics on an outpatient basis.Glassman is one of several doctors who volunteer at the inner-city clinic.a dental clinicJust about every fertility clinic in the country was set up with a government grant.They're giving a free clinic on how to care for roses.The Harvey Clinic specializes in the treatment of alcohol-related problems.The first approach concerned a stress management clinic advertising a consultant psychologist.a marriage clinicFor example, Monday clinics are prone to develop a backlog owing to bank holidays and statutory holidays.Are there arrangements for surgeries or clinics out of working hours?Ellen decided to go to the family planning clinic for some advice.I remembered how I had nearly died that night when Shoshana had sent us to the private clinic to guard a corpse.It rapidly became evident that this clinic could not make even a dent in the problem.dental/family planning/antenatal etc clinicShe can walk into a family planning clinic and seek assistance.To get a free pregnancy test with Immediate results go to a family planning clinic or a Brook Centre.He also argued family planning clinics should not be bound by a gag order preventing them from counseling patients on abortion.I did make an appointment at the local family planning clinic.Cartwright found that the lower socio-economic groups made less use of such local health services as ante-natal clinics or family planning clinics.They were all quite comfortable in their evening club, the Family Planning Clinic.When Nana turned 16 Awa took her to the family planning clinic.Did you tell me where the family planning clinics were, what they do, what age you can get the Pill?clinic ... heldA small number of children who attended community clinics held by the man will also be seen.Three years later the first psychiatric clinics were held at Sighthill.These clinics were held irregularly on Sundays in rooms hired at the Copthorn Hotel, Glasgow.
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