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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclippingclip‧ping /ˈklɪpɪŋ/ noun [countable]  1 TCNan article or picture that has been cut out of a newspaper or magazine syn cuttingnewspaper/press clippings old press clippings about movie stars2 [usually plural]CUT a small piece cut from something bigger hedge clippings
Examples from the Corpus
clippingSome make hillocks thirty feet across, while others are happy with mounds of grass clippings.Mulchers cut and recut the grass clippings so that they virtually disappear within the lawn.Grass clippings can be recycled to make fertilizer.I still have the news clippings from that, arguments, accusations of censorship.And where, Holtz wondered in a postscript, were the newspaper clippings from Melbourne?On the wall were a few press clippings of the trial.newspaper/press clippingsEli showed him newspaper clippings, photos of bodies that had been ground under tank treads.His pocketed stash of newspaper clippings apparently fuelled vivid conversations.But remember those old newspaper clippings mentioning that he'd been hanged by the Home Office's principal Official Executioner?Years from now, I will still be here, an old man, flipping through old press clippings.And where, Holtz wondered in a postscript, were the newspaper clippings from Melbourne?Letters to be read out were spread all over the desk, along with newspaper clippings and research notes on my two guests.Bill Maher hoists a fat folder filled with newspaper clippings on to a virtually empty desk in his new Los Angeles office.It is filled with newspaper clippings of championships, trophies and pictures of a younger Impastato, hair as black as ink.