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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclockwiseclock‧wise /ˈklɒk-waɪz $ ˈklɑːk-/ adverb  SIDEDIRECTIONin the same direction as the hands of a clock move opp anticlockwise, counterclockwise Screw the lid on clockwise.clockwise adjective anticlockwise, counterclockwise
Examples from the Corpus
clockwiseTurn the dial clockwise.The Sun, the Moon, the planets and stars seem to move clockwise across the northern sky.We set off clockwise around the nubble to pick our dinner.In the other half of the year the apparent spiral stays clockwise but shrinks rather than expands.At a more complex psychological level, motion that spirals clockwise connects us to the Sun.Dabblers like the mallard seem to demand that the spiral moves clockwise from the eye over the full round forehead.U/V filters clockwise from top: Uvaq: Cyprio.Once the first bid has been made, the game moves clockwise in the circle.Does it go clockwise or anti-clockwise? clockwise?
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