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clockworkclock‧work /ˈklɒk-wɜːk $ ˈklɑːk-wɜːrk/ noun [uncountable]  1 TP British English clockwork toys, trains, soldiers etc have machinery inside them that makes them move when you turn a key mechanical toys powered by clockwork The tape was driven by a clockwork motor.2 go/run like clockwork3 like clockwork4 with clockwork precision/accuracy
Examples from the Corpus
clockworkEvery time they do it, it comes off like clockwork.Like clockwork the three nurses and I followed along with the male radio voice and did a ten-minute exercise routine.Many beginners start to practise their forms in a kind of clockwork, robotic manner.He clicked the lever, and the clockwork motor whirred.You don't have to play these cat and mouse games with your clockwork soldiers.
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