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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclodclod /klɒd $ klɑːd/ noun [countable]  1 PIECEa lump of mud or earth2 informalSTUPID/NOT SENSIBLE a stupid person
Examples from the Corpus
clodWas Cullam a complete clod or did he realise how macabre his words had been?Even a computer clod like me can find it, or stumble on it by accident.He picked up a dirt clod and flung it toward the window.They are about as strong as dried clods of mud.Mary shivered and turned away as the first clods of earth thudded on to the coffin.It should also produce less clods and thus minimise lifting damage.Members of Congress are impervious to the pain because they continue to collect their own salaries, the selfish clods.Go for the clods, spot the rocks.
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