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cloisteredclois‧tered /ˈklɔɪstəd $ -ərd/ adjective  1 PROTECTprotected from the difficulties and demands of ordinary life Academics lead a cloistered life.2 AAa cloistered building contains cloisters
Examples from the Corpus
cloisteredNevertheless Suger was no cloistered academic.The central portion of the house was two stories high, flanked by two cloistered arcades.These sceptical, cautious and cloistered arrangements constitute the distinctive institutions of science which separate it from other more worldly activities.Experience all those things his cloistered lifestyle with the Tech-Greens had denied him.A cloistered walkway bordered the courtyard on three sides, arches supported by white pillars, on each pillar a lamp.the cloistered world of the university
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