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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclose-croppedclose-cropped /ˌkləʊs ˈkrɒpt◂ $ ˌkloʊs ˈkrɑːpt◂/ adjective  SHORT/NOT LONGclose-cropped grass or hair is cut very short
Examples from the Corpus
close-croppedA sloped bank offered close-cropped grass.Carpenters worked in the hallway, men with close-cropped hair and poky drawls, calling to each other under the steam ducts.His close-cropped hair was hidden under a black velvet skull cap.One rocked and moaned, wearing a sack dress and close-cropped hair.Tara is a compact woman with dark, close-cropped hair.Some groups have always produced rugs with close-cropped piles, while others seem to prefer longer, more fleecy items.The official tour guide, a close-cropped ragga called Garfield Logan, asks us to leave our shoes outside.
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