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close/dear to somebody’s heart

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclose/dear to somebody’s heartclose/dear to somebody’s heartLIKE somebody OR somethingLIKE/SIMILARvery important to someone The president liked to go to Williamsburg, a place close to his heart. Money is dear to Kathleen’s heart. heart
Examples from the Corpus
close/dear to somebody’s heartIt is one that lies close to the heart of any study of the interaction of religion and society.His latest challenge is on a smaller scale, but it's much closer to his heart.I hold you near, close to my heart, There's so much for me to give, Where to begin?One subject is obviously dear to Schofield's heart - the captaincy of Great Britain and Leeds.The President would go to Williamsburg, Virginia, a place close to his heart.Other songs: Include Stainsby Girls, inspired by a Middlesbrough school close to his heart.The electrification of the network, a topic close to Lenin's heart, was discussed in the pages of Gudok.
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